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Retirement or Reinvention?

For many Baby Boomers retirement seemed like the pot of gold at the end of their working life. It was a reward for working hard, investing, contributing to a fund that would “look after” their future years. Advertising agencies promoted the dream of living in luxury or travelling the world, again a reward for a life well-spent. Yet historically the period of time in which that style of retirement was available to the masses was very short.

Baby Boomers have a problem

Changes in our society have given us higher expectations and longer expected life spans so not only do we want more from our lives but we need to fund our lives for a lot longer.

Most of us feel worried that we don’t have enough savings to fund the long and exciting retirement plans that we have, or even a very scaled down version of the lifestyle we had dreamt of.

Financial planners are available to help us plan the money aspects of our retirement but too many people don’t plan the actual lifestyle that they desire.  They have vague ideas of what they want…and nothing is really discussed in detail bother than holiday plans.  

What ends up happening is discontent! 

One partner gives in to the other’s ideas of a perfect place to live, but it doesn’t meet their needs.  A car/boat/business/caravan is purchased which doesn’t suit what is needed to allow other activities or dreams to eventuate.  Hopes of a particular lifestyle are dashed because of conflicting wants and needs………So the story goes on and people live their retirement years bickering over things that could easily have been organised differently if they took the time to plan properly in the first place.

Would you like money to keep flowing in?

Do you have enough money to enjoy financial freedom and retire as you’d like to?  If not you might like to create some additional retirement income using your experience, skills and interests.  This can be on as small or large a scale as suits the lifestyle that is part of your retirement plans.   By putting some time into creating an additional income stream you can make the biggest difference to your future.

This site is dedicated to helping you create an income online, safely and with support.  Request one of our our free ebooks about marketing through social media and find out how you can build your business income in inexpensive and effective ways.

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